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How to Make A Pottery Kiln for Free

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

How to build a wood fired kiln. I dug clay off my property and used straw and grass to support the clay. I refined clay and made some primitive pottery in my new pottery kiln. Build a roof over yours and have fun primitive technology style!

This is a combination of Part 1, 2 and 3 of my Primitive Pottery Kiln making series.

1. build the primitive kiln like Primitive Technology. That guy is amazing! The clay was from our creek bed but don't be discouraged. There's clay almost everywhere if you are willing to dig for it. In the second part I add cob (straw mashed in with clay) for durability. Then I go through the whole firing process. I've included some new information I've learned since the building of the kiln. After the firing, I had an incident where my rain cover blew off and I learned just why the primitive bushcrafters always build roofs over their bushcraft constructions. After meltdown of the outer walls of the kiln from rain, I broke down and added 3 50 lbs bags of concrete to the outer wall of the chimney. The concrete ran about $2.79 a bag. And the grate I added was $10. So with the future upgrade this thing did end up costing me just under $20, but it didn't have to.

I have baked bread and cook sausages in this oven...

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