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Here's how random we are.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I like random. Fact is most people are incredibly predictable. They can't handle change. They are boring. Well maybe that's not you after all. Maybe you like me and how you don't quite know what I'm going to get up to next. If you want to know, well subscribe and if you don't well, please enjoy your day however you see fit in the confines of the law. Don't go saying I told you to have fun and the only way you know how is to raise hell... speeding around town, blasting your awful music, shaving your body from head to toe and posing as a giant infant. I don't give a crap... just go on your merry way. But if you want to hang out and see what we've been up to, try making your way through some of my 500 videos. And if you don't well it's just the same. In the enormity of the universe what you do today has little effect what so ever. But you could do one thing that would make a difference to me. Send me millions of dollars in small unmarked bills. Just kidding. I'm set up all right for money. Never missed a meal because I needed cash, though it was a bit touch and go there for a bit. All things are going well now. What would make me happy is a like. Just a thumbs up and if you have time a kind word letting me know i'm headed in the right direction here. Either way... sending kind thoughts into the universe and headed your way whether or not your receiver is turned. But know they are out there if you decide to tune in and feel them coming at you. seeing as how I don't know who you are that's probably the best i can do for you today... and maybe it's just as close to nothing as the universe allows... but it's something just the same.

X - yours Julie Silversmyth

Thank you for watching my videos!

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