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Hi. Welcome to Tiny Chick Pottery.  I’m so glad you are here! It’s not just pottery here.  Please take a look around. I want you to come here again and again and find new creations to amuse yourself with, and if you feel inclined to purchase my art, I’ll be overjoyed.   


My name is Julie Hiltbrunner.  I’m absolutely CRAZY about making original art.  My preferred mediums are acrylic and oil painting, pottery, digital animation and alcohol markers.  For more than ten years I made custom jewelry for people around the world.  I finally decided to give up custom jewelry work to focus on what really makes me happy, doodling.  Every day, I doodle something.  Sometimes those doodles are pretty hilarious. Those are my favorite.  


Sometimes, you can find one of my original illustrations painted onto a piece of pottery.  It takes me many hours to make those pottery pieces, so they are pretty special.  


On April 13, 2021, I made a commitment to draw everyday. The first doodles were really terrible. But I posted them and then kept posting them to Facebook… people started to tune in and want to see them everyday, providing the encouragement I needed.  Then one day, I drew a map of an imaginary place and my husband suggested I draw a map of our town.  So I did.  I posted it to our local major Facebook group and then 76008 Magazine featured my map on the cover and did a feature story on me.  That’s about all the claims to fame I have.  I have 2 YouTube Channels: Tiny Chick Pottery and Julie Silversmyth Channel.  You can find links to some of those videos here. Hope you enjoyed what you found here.


Thanks for stopping by.  See you again soon!


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