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All the same info as your paper kakeibo but this verson has the formulas so you can see how the calculations are done.  This is for those of you who enjoy a faster more tech savy experience. 


The great thing is that you can access Google Sheets from your phone so you can have an updated budget with you at all times.  


Open from MS Excel or Google Sheets (free spreadsheet app.)


Save a copy under a different name in case you mess up the formulas.

I'm not a finance professional, I'm just sharing with you how I personally manage my budget and if this works for you then enjoy.  If you are unfamiliar with spreadsheets and how they work I would recommend either using the paper one or using YouTube to learn how to master spreadsheets.  


Spreadsheets are infinitly handy.  Yours will be sent to your email.  Just add your own numbers to see how it works.  Be careful not to delete the data in formula feilds and it should work for you.  You can insert rows as needed just check your formulas to make sure the formula includes that row number.


This is not investment advice and I promise no particular results.   This is for entertainment or educational purposes only.  

Digital Kakeibo for the Spreadsheet Savvy

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