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Come back and select more.  A link to the downloadable file will be sent to your email after payment is recieved. The link is good for 30 days.


Download and print at home or send off to a print on demand website to get printed at whatever scale you like this one is an 8.5 x 11 and 400 DPI  -

fits nicely on a 16" x 12"  poster with a bit of room on each side for thumb tacks. To use just fill in the month you plan to use it for and refer to your phone or computer calendar for which day of the week the 1st is on.  If you laminate it you can write on it in dry erase marker, and use it again!


Artist retains copyright, but print as many as you need for your own personal use.  Not for resale.  

Blank Calendar Digital Printable - Busy Bee Style 1

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