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Hi, I'm not a pro at making templates, that's why it's free.  You'll need these instructions below.  Copy and save to your computer.


I drew this myself and it's pretty rough. You can scale it up or down as needed.

Print it out at the exact size you want to build. Mine is 1:8 scale. Print three copies of template.


Glue one template to thin wood, foam core or chipboard. Cut or saw out the pieces except the feet.

Wrap the pieces with thin batting or felt.

Glue in place.


Wrap the front and sides with couch fabric gluing neatly around the edges on the back sides where the glue won't show through.


I found my couch fabric in the scrap bin at the fabric store. You just need glue down about an inch of fabric around the back side. Using the second copy, cut cereal box cardboard about 2mm smaller than the templates.


These are going to hide all your rough edges.


Wrap fabric around the cardboard pieces with couch fabric. Glue only on the side that won’t show. Sandwich the rough fabric edges in with the cardboard pieces.


Now you should have everything but the cushions and feet ready. You can cut wood feet or sharpen a square piece of lightweight wood like I did.


Use hot glue to put the 5 base pieces together. Front plate, seat, back and two armrests.


I added a piece of wood behind the front plate for support. Might not be necessary. Use the third copy of the template for the seat cushions, which you should cut slightly smaller than the seat and back pieces.


There is a dashed line showing that you just use half to make 2 seat cushions and two thin pillows. You can use felt as stuffing. Or whatever you have.


I used a sewing machine to create cushion and pillow covers but you could glue the seams or sandwich them together with glue lie the couch base pieces. It's up to you.


I didn't make a pattern for the sewn pieces. Basically winged that part. It would be hard to make a pattern for that as everyone's cushions would be different thicknesses.



Unless I get a ton of requests I probably won’t make a long form video or a prettier template.


Here’s a great video that shows a more simplified version. All the best! Julie Hiltbrunner

Miniature Couch Template.

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