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Grab that Social Media Attention

More people than I can count have told me that I'm an influencer on social media.

I'm what you would call a Nano Influencer. That means none of my social media channels has more than 10,000 followers but it's up in the thousands.

Do you need to draw attention to your website or your business? The way to do that isn't by typing "Click this link over to my website." That might get you 1 or 2 clicks.

  • The thing about social media is that the more you focus on you and what you need, the less people like you.

  • People HAVE to like you to want to buy your widgets.

  • They want it to be about them.

  • They like bullet points, too

Get liked by focusing on your readers and their needs. They want to be entertained & they need your products.

Don't mention your product right off the bat.

Say you sew hair bows and clothing like my friend Tori from:

Tori might make a post that says,

"Here is the CUTEST ladybug I found for YOU, when I was out delivering a red & black polka dot hair bow to my customer.

How's that for a coincidence? "

Example photo idea: Close up photo of the bug, in the distance a blurred out hair bow.

See how it's not about the hair bow directly? Do use hashtags: #coolbug #hairbows #nature And for good measure, if Tori was delivering to a local business or stopping by after she could type:

"Next off to @J'adore Rose Espresso Bar"

She's created good will with a local business and slightly mentioned her product with the focus on a cool or interesting thing that happened and how it was for about "you" the reader.

See how I used bold in this blog post and short one sentence paragraphs?

Go to paste in your text, then copy and move the bold text to your post.

Use it only on key details. People don't read online they skim.

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