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What Your Social Media Followers Want:

  • the information fast

  • to know how it applies & helps them

  • to be entertained

  • to know how you are an expert on the

  • to knowhow this solves a problem for them

Example: Your goal is to sell clothes.

This is what they need to hear:

We all wear clothes. You go into your closet and there are plenty of clothes but nothing to wear.

Your problem could be solved with this versatile shirt!

Getting dressed is so much easier now that I've found this top that can be worn in three different ways!

Post 3 different pictures of upu/someone modeling the three options. Or make a short reel of each look.

You'll look great and have more space in your closet!

My name is ____________ and I'm the stylist for @ __________________. Putting great looks together is my favorite thing to do!

Model Fashion Picture
Fashion Picture

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