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If I Ran an Ad Agency

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

If I had an advertising agency:

Everybody has skin in the game

Make a goal with a client. “This ad should make you x dollars this month.”

I’ll call you in 30 days to see how well it worked. Call in exactly 30 days.

If it didn’t meet the clients goals, adjust their copy and give them a month free.

Call again in 30 days for an update.

“If you aren’t begging me to give you ad space on month three, I don't deserve your business.”

If this ad, article or whatever doesn’t do what you wanted it to, I’ll give you another month free to try a different ad style.

If that doesn’t work, this isn’t the right medium with which to advertise your product.

Ask the company to test another medium or keep adjusting your ad copy (the written content or script in video) and creative (the pictures, graphics or online video for online magazines,) until it works.

“Our ad flooded Jenny’s Donuts with business so I know people are looking at this medium, if those people don’t go in a second time to Jenny’s, Jenny needs to adjust her service.”

What my imaginary ad agency says to clients: We get people in the door to try your business.

That’s your opportunity to give the customer the highest level of service.

If you do, they'll return again and again.

Our job is to get clients in your door or to your website.

Jenny’s was also positioned in the same space as yours, with the same distribution and had the same number of viewers, but the color scheme was different and there was a defined call to action - let’s adjust your ad to get it seen.

This is going to work for you, guaranteed.

How do we test if it worked?

The business surveys its customers.

  1. How did you hear about us? Or Have you seen any of our recent ads?

  2. Did you see our ad in the recent copy of x magazine.

  3. Or give a coupon code that is specific to this publication and track how many of that code were used.

If this doesn’t work we don’t deserve your business. That’s why it’s guaranteed!

Like or comment what you’d do differently in my imaginary ad agency.

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