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Open by Appointment

Exciting news! Well exciting to me and Robin, anyway. We got our Certificate of Occupancy and are now open for business. We don’t have employees so we are open when we feel like it and closed when we don’t. We will have scheduled parties and events. I expect most days I’ll get open at 10 or 11 and work until 3 or 4. My number is 817-456-4432 - text me for an appointment if you want to commission digital art or want to come in and see the studio, shop or look at my 365 daily doodles - a full year of doodles from April 13, 2021 through April 13, 2022. It’s quite a collection!

My typical day is me waking up and doing some digital art. I go into the studio and work on pottery, jewelry or traditional art in oils or acrylic. I’m kind of a free spirit and if one day I’m not feeling it in one area, I’ll work on something else. But, I’m never lazy. I work a crazy number of hours in or out of the studio. I’m the mornings sometimes I’m running art deliveries to some boutiques. I do make time for my friends because they are really important to me. and I have a business group I belong to that is really just another bunch of successful friends that I also enjoy learning from.

I accept commissions on digital art. I might have a handful of art students at various times. I’m not sure if I have time to teach at the moment. If students interested in fundamental art skills, digital or traditional I may be interested in teaching. Ages 13 and up.

Robin will have fun art & craft classes that most people will enjoy,

The studio is a way for me to actually have the space to work on bigger traditional art, meet with customers and free up space in my home.

I’ve been away from having my hands in paint for almost 2 years now since my former studio closed due to Covid. It’s feels great getting back into it.

The address of new art studio and gallery is 2602 Fort Worth HWY

Hudson Oaks, TX 76087 Suite 201.

Text for an Appointment:


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